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The Dilemma


Homes were never designed for large screen televisions. The space above a seldom used fireplace was never a viable solution for the television.


The fireplace / TV dilemma is over!

There is a much better way...


DuoHearth is the fireplace reimagined! No one is willing to give up the fireplace or the television. The simple, but brilliant idea, was the ultimate solution: move the firebox insert up a bit and the television down to eye level and combine the television with the fireplace. 

The million dollar idea


Fireplaces are by far mostly decoration and not always safe. However, fireplaces are still the focal point of the home, taking up space better used for year round entertainment. Combining the television with the fireplace makes perfect sense when correctly designed and built.

Fireplace Reimagined


The fireplace has always been and always will be the heart of every home. Eliminating the fireplace or the large screen television is not a viable alternative. DuoHearth is a game changer for interior designers, home builders and multi-family developers.



DuoHearth is exactly the same as any traditional fireplace. The only exception: DuoHearth has a high definition, large screen television in place of the firebox. DuoHearths are perfectly safe: no fire code restrictionsno chimneys, no vents, no holes in the wall, no gas and no maintenance. The perfect viewing height for an exceptional TV experience.




High definition, large screen televisions are amazing and they are here to stay. The DuoHearth is the perfect solution; a "fireplace" that can be used all year long. A beautiful hearth is the ideal place for the large screen television.


Everyone can now have an exceptional grand home and lifestyle with a DuoHearth.

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