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Fireplace Reimagined


DuoHearth reflects the beauty and elegance of cast stone plus the power of today's technology–enhanced lifestyle.

DuoHearth has a high definition, large screen television built into a custom designed cast stone fireplace surround.

Eye level viewing produces what the director intended the audience to see – essentially putting the viewer in the scene.


The largest and widest angle television ever, making it ideal for people to sit anywhere and still get the best view. 

Innovative multi-channel audio technology for perfect sound and the best motion smoothness for incredible sports viewing.


Fireplace Reimagined


Time to rethink the traditional fireplace / television scenario. Today's DuoHearth is the focal point of cinematic homes. The DuoHearth is a "fireplace" that can be used all year long. The DuoHearth makes every home look and feel like a million dollars: new, unique and exciting.

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